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Setting up a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the cosmopolitan city Dubai is one of the most popular ways of establishing a strong business identity in the UAE for foreign investors. A Limited Liability Company in Dubai can be formed by a minimum of two and a maximum of fifty shareholders who are restricted to their individual share in the capital of the company.

Dubai LLC business setup involves a local sponsor who has to contribute 51% of the total capital of the company while the rest of 49% is shared between other partners. Dubai LLC Company setup involves fees for different services that are part of the Dubai LLC company registration process.



Key Points

Starting a company in Dubai is one of the most convenient ways of doing business in UAE. A Limited Liability company (LLC) in Dubai mainland provides access to the entire UAE market from a strategic location within Dubai which is well connected to not just Dubai, but the entire UAE through a network of freeways and internal roads. An LLC company in Dubai also offers the option of applying for unlimited visas as long as the corresponding office space requirements are met.

A few more facts about an LLC company formation in Dubai are as below:

  1. A Dubai mainland LLC company offers the advantage of starting your business anywhere in Dubai with warehouse options available across UAE.
  2. The investor has a wide range of business options to pick from to start an LLC company in Dubai. Dubai Economic Department (DED) offers investors around 2000 options for business activities to choose from for an LLC business setup.
  3. A company formation in Dubai offers various other positives such as access to a large and constantly growing marketplace supported by world class infrastructure

Advantages of Dubai LLC Setup

  • Endless opportunities to grow a business
  • Exemption from all types of taxes
  • Permission to form multiple branches of an LLC
  • Unlimited Visas
  • A less costly general trading license

Documents Required for Dubai LLC Setup

  • Passport copy of the investor
  • Passport copy of the local sponsor
  • Passport copy of company’s manager
  • NOC letter from the sponsor (if the manager or partner has a UAE residence visa)
  • Dubai Economic Department (DED) Form to apply for registration
  • Trade name
  • Initial approval from DED
  • Attested tenancy contract for the Office/warehouse
  • Attested Memorandum of Association

Timelines for Dubai LLC Setup

The Dubai LLC setup process comprises of different steps that the applicants need to complete to register their LLC Company in Dubai. Applicants have to complete all the requirements carefully and submit all the required documents timely to avoid any unexpected delay in the process.

Here is the step-by-step timeline of the process of Dubai LLC setup:

  • The initial documentation is completed within two days. We collect all the important documents from the client and also ask the client to suggest 5 names for the trade name reservation.
  • The initial approval phase takes two days. In this phase, we obtain the initial approval form and get it signed by the client and the local sponsor to apply for the initial approval certificate.
  • MOA Signature phase gets completed in two days. In this phase, we assist the local sponsor and client in completing the MOA signing procedure.
  • Office registration phase can take multiple days to complete and it mainly depends on the client to choose a particular office space and then submit all the required documents to obtain a tenancy contract.
  • The process of company incorporation is completed in four to five days. All the required documents and service fees are submitted to concerned authorities to complete the company incorporation procedure.
  • The next step is to set up the client’s meeting with the preferred banker to open a valid company bank account. The whole process is completed on the same day.
  • We apply for the client’s immigration card and labour card. This whole process is completed in two to three weeks.
  • In the next step, we apply for the client’s visa and the process is completed in three to five days.
  • The last step involves the visa stamping process, which is usually completed within three to five days.

Business Licence Activities

The type of activity your business participates in will dictate the types of licences you will require, along with the most appropriate facility you will require in Dubai Mainland LLC.

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Animal Feed Trading
  • Building Material Trading
  • Culture & Arts Publishing
  • Lifts & Escalators Contracting
  • Water Well Drilling Contracting
  • Used Automobile Trading
  • Used Automobile Trading for Export
  • Cargo Loading Unloading
  • Coffee Shop
  • Cosmetic Trading
  • Metal Products Coating
  • Safety Harness Fabrication
  • Multi-Dimensional Images Production (Hologram)
  • Helicopters Repair & Maintenance
  • Magnetic Technology Equipment Trading
  • Pharmaceuticals Packaging
  • Events Management
  • General Trading
  • Hourly Car Rental
  • Gent’s Tailoring
  • Auto Tarpaulin Tailoring
  • Ladies Wears Tailoring & Embroidery Workshop
  • Color Separation Services
  • Metal Doors, Windows Making & Fixing
  • Mattresses & Cushions Making
  • Imitation Jewellery Smithing
  • Auto Accessories Fitting
  • Gas Cylinders Testing & Repairing

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