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Future Vision provides state-of-the-art and business set up solutions for companies looking to establish their business identity in United Arab Emirates. With an exceptional team of brilliant Dubai business set up consultants, we promise to deliver the most comprehensive business setup services to establish a strong foundation for any business in any sector.

With a cumulative experience of more than 15 years in the field of UAE business setup, the team at Future Vision ensure prompt and hassle-free solutions to the clients. No matter, whether your business is big or small we work diligently to develop, promote and expand your business. We strive to be a complete solution provider for our clients by bringing the best of the world and assisting them to focus more on their business and leave the rest to us.

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Future Vision offers top-notch business setup solutions in the UAE dedicated & committed to help clients transform their business & achieve their dreams.

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Rekindle Your Dream to Have A Business Setup In Dubai

Not everyone is satisfied with their 9 to 5; some are born to create their empires and transform economies. What's keeping you from making your dream come true? The United Arab Emirates is home to countless opportunities for thriving business ideas. While most people may back-off, considering their entrance into the dynamic market to be a difficult task, we suggest you plunge in. Business setup in UAE has become a lot easier with the new policies in the UAE.

Your success here will be determined by your business idea's authenticity and the steps you take for its incorporation. Moreover, if you are a foreigner seeking a business setup in Dubai, there would be a few challenges. Still, with exemplary efforts and support, your company will flourish in Dubai, UAE. That's what we do here.


What Does It Take To Open A Company In Dubai?

Dubai is one of the leading trade centers around the world. With its transformation and evolution over the years, it has turned out to be a perfect place to start your own business. Business people from all over the world have their eyes set on the progressive business opportunities available here. The economy in the UAE is no longer dependent on oil production only. You could find great entrepreneurial scenes with tremendous opportunities for investments and startups within different industries at various UAE locations.


The United Arab Emirates ranks 16 on the worldwide list of places for the Ease of Doing Business Report. Indeed, it's easier to set up your business here than in the rest of the Middle East. With its world-class infrastructure and state-of-art architecture, Dubai offers an excellent business environment for all industries who wish to opt for a company set up in Dubai.

Considering the facilities and exposure to the global market, the chances of a business's success are higher in Dubai. Not only will you find receptive local consumers but also great benefits of investing here. So, if you are wondering what business to start in Dubai? Take a free consultation with us, know that any business will blossom with the proper knowledge, investment, and experience. Dubai being a business-friendly city, you can easily do business set up in Dubai by opting for the best business setup company in Dubai as per your requirement.

Business Setup Cost In Dubai

Setting up a business in Dubai costs tend to change from time to time. It's unlikely to find fixed charges for any approvals, licenses, or documentation. You would have to keep up with the updates in various initial expenses levied on you as an entrepreneur. While judicial prices and charges involved in other governmental advice and services may fluctuate, seeking help from business setup consultants like us would be a great way to ease down the process.

Moreover, the cost of company formation in Dubai will be determined by the type of business, industry, certifications, approvals, and jurisdiction involved. Generally, the price variation is based on where you want to set up your business in Dubai. There are three options/categories for opening a business in Dubai:


Just opt for business setup services from us, and one of our consultants would help you understand all the major and minor costs involved in setting up a company in Dubai which will kick-start your process to choose the best as per your requirement and budget.

Future Beholds Opportunities

Over the past years, we have watched Dubai evolve tremendously. Unlike earlier, it is now an innovation-based business hub that is not dependent solely on oil-exporting. Foreign investors and local business owners have all the opportunities to expand their existing businesses or introduce something new in Dubai's progressive business environment.

The business-friendly government policies remain the most significant driving forces to encourage the business setup in UAE and its strategic location. Free Zones across the city have made foreign investments in Dubai easier than ever, along with various perks. While you start your business in one of the free zones in Dubai, opportunities and advantages come flooding in.

Ease Of Doing Business in the UAE:

There's a pretty simple and straightforward procedure for setting up a business in Dubai. And the fact that the World Bank listed it on the 16th position in the world on the Ease Of Doing Business list makes it more transparent. Once you have all the necessary approvals and certifications, it won't take more than a week to register your company here. The introduction of Free Zones in Dubai is an excellent initiative by the UAE government to encourage foreign investments and new businesses. Businesses established in Free Zones are entitled to numerous perks like complete repatriation of profits, 100% foreign ownership, and tax exemptions.

Open Market And Tax Benefits:

Dubai has a free-trade economy. There's no or most minor interference by the government in the operations of the private sector. You won't be charged any taxes on personal income or insignificant import duties. Also, Dubai has the most liberal labor policies and no restrictions on companies hiring employees from different parts of the world irrespective of their nationality. However, strict measures are taken to end fraudulent practices and money laundering.

World-Class Infrastructure:

Dubai is well known around the world for its excellent world-class infrastructure. The free zones across Dubai provide easy access to all such resources, making it a perfect place to start your business. Whether you consider workspace, power supply, or other amenities, this city will offer you the best of all the necessary resources to keep your company one step ahead of the economies around the world.

Strategic Location And Higher Standard Of Living:

Dubai is also a preferable business center because of its strategic location. It is the center between the Far East and Europe, Africa, and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Dubai has around 85 airlines connecting to over 130 global destinations. It's the most easily accessible destination on the world map, making it worthy of foreign investments. Moreover, Dubai is one of the most diversified cities worldwide, with many foreign residents who live with all possible comforts. Any business would be considerably more successful here as compared to any other destinations around the world.

Spread Your Wings

What's holding you back? Company registration in UAE is a matter of eight days and only six simple procedures. You only need several approvals and get some documents verified from government authorities. The procedures and requirements would vary based on whether you're setting up a company in Dubai mainland or a free zone. It would also be best if you had a basic understanding of how these things work in the country.

If you are a foreigner who wants a company set up in Dubai mainland, you will have to look for local sponsors and formulate your MOA before getting your trade name registered. Since all these would need you to be familiar with operations, rules, and regulations in Dubai, we suggest seeking help.

Here are the necessary steps to follow for company registration for a mainland company in Dubai.

Find A Local Sponsor

Finding a local sponsor is one of the major requirements to start a company in Dubai mainland. The sponsor must be a UAE national. The sponsor would be the sleeping partner of your company and your service agent at the same time. The sponsor's link to the companies should be defined and signed in an agreement. A "No Objection Certificate" should be issued by the sponsor.

1. Memorandum Of Association

Formulating the Memorandum Of Association for your company is the next step in the process. You will have to prepare a list of operational guidelines that your company should follow. The company is supposed to abide by these guidelines in the future strictly. An MOA includes details regarding a company's purpose, the total investment, and its share.

2. MOA Notarization

It would be best to get the MOA notarized by the DED (Department Of Economic Development). With the notarization of the MOA, you will get the initial approval.

3. Register Your Trade Name

The next step is to choose an appropriate trade name and register with the Department of Economic Development. Ensure that the trade name is unique and significant according to your business to get approval. If another company already takes the trade name, DED can discard your application.

4. Select A Workspace

It is mandatory to have a registered address or office to set up a business in Dubai mainland. If you're into Offshore company formation, then the address of the registered agent can be used.

5. Apply For Trade License

Once you have applied for trade licenses, the Department Of Economic Development would issue a license based on your business endeavor. There are many types of trade licenses based on different business practices: Industrial License, Professional License, Tourism License, and Commercial License.

6. Collect The License

You can send the license fee to the Commercial Registration Department and Department of Economic Development after the final submission of documents and collect it accordingly.This process of company registration in Dubai can be completed within a week or seven days. These steps only give a basic idea of how things need to be done. If you plan to invest in Dubai or start a new company here, it would be suggestible to look for considerable support.

Begin Your Journey With Future Vision

You may be a great entrepreneur but opening a business at a new place is never easy. When setting up a business in Dubai, you need to know and understand the various obligations and procedures to ensure everything goes well.

At Future Vision, we help entrepreneurs meet all the requirements for company registration in UAE, complete procedures, get their business started, and promote it until it becomes self-reliant and blossoms. We are the best business consultants who can help you establish your dream business in the UAE.

How Do We Help You?

With 5+ years of experience as business setup consultants, we help you take your first step towards your business and stay with you until you can manage it independently. We will make it easier for you to form your company and get it duly registered by offering all necessary information and tools.

Our corporate solutions and excellent business advice will keep you moving on the right track. We help you with your company's incorporation and beyond. You can look up to us anytime you need help. While the various requirements give you a hard time understanding and fulfilling them, we would bring you the most reliable solutions for the business setup in Dubai.

What Makes Us Better?

If you find one reason to choose us as your business setup Dubai consultants, you will likely find many. We bring forward the best efforts to meet your expectations and help you accomplish the business set up at the earliest, with perfection.

● Reach Us Anytime

Once you decide to set up a business in UAE, the first thing you should think about is to reach us. We offer you to contact us through several different options and remain available always. We offer free consultations so you can clear all your doubts with us.

● Unique Solutions

We understand that every business is different. Therefore, our experienced professionals bring together their knowledge and skills to offer you exact solutions according to your specific requirements.

● Customer Satisfaction

At Future Vision, our services are based on customers' expectations. When you choose to trust us, we make sure that everything regarding your business works as smoothly as you would want. We take care of each and everything in the process.

● Innovative Strategies

We continually think of better ways to help our clients and seek policies and strategies that will aid the process of company setup in Dubai. We help in finding an easier way of getting things done.

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